What to expect in therapy with Nanette Sebourn

Just as it is true that all people are unique individuals, doing things with their own style, so it is true that therapists are unique and have their own gift and style in therapy. It is also true that there are many modes of therapy for a therapist to choose from when conducting therapy. Nanette Sebourn is an eclectic therapist that uses all modes of therapy to help each individual client with their particular needs and levels of insight. However, she is the type of therapist that believes in curing the heart of the problem so that the other more surface problems will be changed without effort.

When seeing Nanette, the first visit, as is true with all therapists, is to learn what to expect from therapy and to sign an informed consent sheet saying you understand and agree to be in therapy with her. This is when length of sessions and financial agreements are made. This is a necessary and legal step that cannot be avoided. Often times, clients will want to start the session with the reason they are seeking therapy and all the details involved, not realizing that the legal portion of the session must be done first before she can even talk or listen to the client. This step takes about ten minutes.

After this first necessary step, then the client will give their account of why they seek therapy. At that point, therapy technically begins because Ms. Sebourn believes that help, even in its smallest form, can be given right away. It is also necessary for Nanette to take a chronological history of either the individual or the relationship(s) that leads to a deeper understanding. This chronology is an ongoing part of therapy as things progress. Within the first few sessions, goals are established mutually between therapist and client so that everyone is on the same pathway. It does not make sense for the therapist to be working in one direction when the client wants help in a different direction. However, it is prudent to understand that the pathway the therapist is taking is not always visible to the untrained eye of the client. This is especially true with therapists like Ms. Sebourn, who prefers to work on the original wounding that causes daily upset. This is called the psychodynamic theory and it is not true with other therapists that work in the behavioral theory, however, Nanette uses behavioral techniques to bring immediate relief from the pain a client is currently experiencing.

office_sessionThe process is a combination of immediate situations and solution, the past history that contributes to the immediate situation, the perspective of the clients, and techniques to change the immediate situation. It is up to the expertise of the therapist as to when to Office Sessionpursue an issue, how to go about it, and which issue is a more deeply rooted factor causing more surface problems. When a client believes that they know more about the process than the therapist, it causes uneasiness and the client leaving therapy too early. Therefore, the trust in the therapist is the most essential factor in therapy.

Nanette Sebourn’s office is the most telling about her in that you enter her office to find warmth and comfort in both her waiting room and in her office. You will sit on luxurious coaches and chairs, smell the aroma of flowers or coffee, and the lights are dimly lit to enhance the ability to rest, talk freely and know that your emotions are contained and safe. Nanette’s style is unique in that she combines soft and empathetic listening with direct instruction. She utilizes traditional and contemporary techniques. A client must be open to all forms of therapy to utilize all parts of one’s experiences and mind. Nanette is versatile in that she can be a guide in a commitment to growth in all its complexities or to providing immediate and short term help with only one problem addressed. However, it is most important for a client to realize that what is an obvious problem to them will usually be the cause of several more underlying issues. And always, in a couple or family situation, the cause is due to all involved, not just one person who appears to be the problem.

So, now you can relax knowing you have come to the right place and you are in good hands. Life is a process, enjoy the journey.

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