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sex_therapyLegitimate sex therapy is hard to find.  Many therapists say that they can work with this subject, however, when the subject presents itself, they are not as open as they need to be to address this issue.  A therapist must be comfortable with their own sexuality to help others, which is not common in our society that considers talking about sex a taboo.  Nanette Sebourn has created the “Intimacy Enhancement Program” based on her publication “Female Sexuality: The Loss of the Feminine Principle” and extensive work with hundreds of couples to improve their sexual relationship.

Sexual issues are rooted in three aspects of a relationship.  First of all there are individual issues, such as fear of intimacy or past conditioning that may be contributing to the problem.  Secondly, issues with the relationship, such as trust factors or communication techniques, may be the contributing factors blocking successful connection.  And thirdly, in the act itself, such as technique, anatomy familiarity or knowledge of the sexual response, to name a few, are responsible for the inability to connect sexually.  In addition to these items there are more general aspects such as the Birth/Death/Birth cycle of love and the artful love dance that needs to be understood to find “True Love”, which brings a higher more spiritual experience in the love making process.

Couples tend to think that sex is the only aspect of their relationship that is good.  When in fact, disconnect in a relationship cannot hide in the bedroom.  Dissatisfaction in the relationship causes dissatisfaction in the sexual act.  Ignoring one means you are ignoring the other.  The sexual act forbids any uncertainty in the individual, relationship and even family situation.  Sex therapy works on all aspects of a person’s life since it is at the heart of our expression of life.

Therefore, if you are a person who:

  • has trouble attaining or keeping a relationship
  • achieving or sustaining orgasm
  • fighting often including sexual frequency or quality
  • distaste for natural bodily functions
  • disgust for parts of your partner
  • unable to find pleasure in the act of intercourse
  • or just don’t know why you are unhappy but you are

then the “Intimacy Enhancement Program” is your opportunity to find out why.

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