Service and Fees

All services provided are based on a 60 minute hour. It is recommended that individual therapy consist of one hour; couples therapy consist of an hour and a half, since it takes more time for two people to talk; and no less than an hour and a half for families, depending on the number of family members. Affordability and time constraints are different for each client. When the first appointment is made, the recommended amount of time is assumed and charged accordingly. During that first session, we will determine who will be required for therapy (unit of treatment) and agree on time and fee for further sessions. Learn more about Unit of Treatment – The therapists choice.


When past events have impacted an individual in negative/unhealthy ways, feeling stuck, depressed or anxious can deteriorate one’s quality of life. Individual therapy looks into developmental, experiential and situational reasons for current issues. The object of individual therapy is to not only change current behavior and feelings, but to educate the individual in a way that allows the individual to succeed on his or her own for the remainder of their lives. Weekly appointments are necessary for optimal progress. Recommended one hour sessions. Many clients prefer an hour and a half to thoroughly explore past events and learn about themselves during each visit.


When a long term committed relationship losses passion, it feels like love has gone out of the relationship, for one or both of the partners. Daily living becomes a struggle and fighting causes bitterness, distance and the desire to escape it all. Couples therapy gives you the skills and knowledge that it takes to bring your relationship back to the way it felt in the beginning and to change the mistakes that have caused pain for both partners over the past life of the relationship. Weekly appointments are necessary for optimal progress. An hour and a half is recommended for a couples session, two hour sessions are recommended in the beginning of therapy to accommodate the therapist’s need to attain the history of the relationship and to bring immediate help for the couple.


Parents often find that raising a family has its own unique difficulties in the different stages of growth. In the early years it depletes energy, interferes with your sex life and causes arguments surrounding parenting. In later years, a child may act differently than expected and cause disharmony among family members. Family therapy helps to restructure the family so that compassion, love and acceptance guide the family’s interpersonal relationships. Family therapy requires no less than an hour and a half. It is wise to spend two hours in the beginning of therapy to accommodate the therapist’s need to attain the history of the family and to bring immediate help for the members involved. Weekly appointments are necessary for optimal progress.


In this 2 hour workshop, individuals take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test and learn about their four primary personality characteristics that make them do what they do, say what they say and act as they act. The self awareness that this testing provides helps individuals to know and accept themselves and understand the differences of others. When taken by two people in relationship (couples, parent/child, siblings, etc) it can prevent arguing, stop fights, and promote love and acceptance between the two individuals. This is highly recommended for pre-marital engagements and with couples therapy. Very helpful with understanding adolescents. $100 per test administered and the session time it takes to educate on the results of the test, usually one and a half to two hours.


Hypnosis has become a popular idea to the general population because of its imagined ease of success and instant gratification. Hypnosis therapy is one method of helping a person to more readily contact the sub-conscious mind, where issues and conflicts begin. However, it is not usually what the general public understands it to be.

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