Relationship Testing

Finding the right partner is dangerous if specific and particular aspects of the relationship are left to chance or, worse yet, bio-chemical urges.  Research indicates that familiarity and reciprocity are the best determinates for long lasting relationships (birds of a feather flock together).  This means that when couples are closer in personality types, they can withstand the test of time easier than couples who are opposite in personality types (opposites attract).  Both can succeed, however, people with similar personality types will have a more harmonious relationship, which means more good times than bad.  They will have less compromise and there will be fewer arguments.

Relationship testing is one form of determining if two people are more compatible rather than less compatible.   Nanette Sebourn administers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test, created by Myers-Briggs based on Carl Jung’s personality types, also known at the MBTI.  She then scores the results and analyses the numeric measures and educates the participants on what the test means, how to understand yourself and others by using the information the results dictate, and how to merge the two personality types to insure less confrontation in the relationship.  This process takes approximately an hour and a half, depending on how many people are doing the testing.

The MBTI is also good for families to take together.  It is a fast way to bring communal understanding.  It is a safe and enjoyable way to pinpoint the reasons for certain problems that happen over and over again.  When all family members learn about themselves and other members of the family in this manner, it can bring harmony in many facets of the family dynamic.  It is a general way of attaining mental health because she educates on several interactions that commonly happen to all families.

The Benefits are:

  • Understanding yourself
  • Understanding others
  • True assessment of self
  • Better social participation
  • Less fighting
  • A segway for better communications and understanding, which is the pinnacle of good relationships.


Nanette Sebourn uses this method of personal growth for groups of people.  She administers the test for her students at the College and for groups of people who work together.  It is a good way of enhancing staff cohesiveness and better working conditions.  It can be used for groups of friends who want to get along better.  The larger the group, the longer the process takes.

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