Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling is a way of ensuring that the most important aspects of a union of two people are addressed and decided before the permanency of marriage locks both partners into roles they didn’t sign up for.  It is a way to make the marriage vows honest, accurate and attainable.

Everyone begins their attraction to another human being by some form of physical attribute, unless two people meet on the internet, which allows people to be attracted by some form of personal attribute, whether perceived or actual.  Usually, at some point in time, people who meet on the internet will see a picture of the other person and a physical attraction may ensue.  None-the-less, we are attracted to some form of visual acceptance, whether we admit it or not.     The relationship then develops and once the determination is made that the relationship is comfortable and acceptable to both partners, it advances to the next stage that requires more commitment and monogamy.  Now what do you do?

Most people assume a lot of things while they are in the thrusts of falling in love.  The excitement of the marriage, the wedding, and even the beginning of a family, override the common sense questions that need to be asked and answered before any of this begins.  This is the task of the Pre-Marital session.  Decisions from who will make the final executive decisions all the way down to who will take out the trash are discussed and a general format for happiness is laid out so that all involved are able to “know” what is expected.  Defining a relationship takes many things into account, and a general road map is created by the two partners of a relationship, agreed upon in advance, to simplify daily functioning and prevent emotional upset.  How to communicate and parenting styles along with other relationship techniques are taught, the important things for families that are never taught anywhere else.  A solid foundation is put in place to build on.  The things that are realized in Pre-Marital counseling can eliminate the bitterness that happens between couples which brings them to therapy.  It is much more practical to be preventative in social interaction than it is to recover from the hurt and pain that is caused by doing it wrong for many many years.

Pre-Marital counseling can literally bring down the divorce rate if everyone is wise enough to start out right.  It is the wise couple that takes the time to ensure the welfare of their lifelong commitment of marriage.  And when children are part of the plan, it is their lives and their emotional health that are at stake when Pre-Marital counseling is not considered first.  Spend a little time and money now to prevent many hours and a lot of money later.  Do it right!

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