Individual Counseling

Counseling and therapy for oneself is a unique relationship with a professional who cares about you in a way that no other human can. In individual therapy, a therapist is one who:

  • does not judge you
  • empathizes with everything about you; what you do and what you say
  • guides and teaches
  • listens so deeply and intently that you feel that you have been heard completely
  • is honest and straightforward, maybe even direct so that the truth can surface and heal you
  • puts you before herself; your feelings, your thoughts and your desires come first.
  • doesn’t give up on you, when so many already have
  • someone who protects you from yourself
  • Most of all, a therapist is someone who celebrates your successes with you.

In individual therapy, it’s all about you; the therapist is always on your side. As it was said to me once “my therapist is my new best friend”. The therapeutic relationship is pure, untainted by the past and hopeful for the future, whatever that may be.

And through this process, growth happens. The key to this type of success is to stay in therapy until the process is complete. Too often clients think they know the process better than the therapist which is a mistake. With a good therapist at your side, walking through your journey with you, you must trust that whatever is presently happening is what is meant to happen. Technique and progress can be invisible to the untrained eye. Furthermore, things that happen and things that are said in the session may not take hold for several days, maybe months and for some years. Through dreams, epiphanies, realizations and intuition, changes occur outside of the therapy session. It can be recognized in the smallest of ways;

  • You might have more energy than before
  • You might have more freedom to speak your mind and your feelings
  • You might have shorter periods of crying and sadness
  • You might have shorter outbursts of anger or less anger altogether
  • You might find it easier to be with other people
  • You might find happiness “happens” more often
  • And what is always true is that you will feel differently.

So now, my question to you is: Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to trust a professional to help you change yourself? Are you ready to learn why you do what you do, how to change your thinking that has limited you in your happiness and maturity? You can change, anyone can. The choice is yours. Call Nanette Sebourn and let her help you.

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