Family Counseling

family_counselingTypically, families do not seek counseling until one of the members of the family starts doing things that are unacceptable to the parents. This person is then termed “a problem” or “having a problem” when in fact, the dynamics and interactions of the whole family is the cause of this type of disruption. The root of the problem is multi-facetted and needs a professional therapist to sort out the cause or causes within the family. The symptoms of a family dysfunction are:

  • Child is acting out with bad behavior
  • The child is using drugs or drinking
  • There is lots of fighting within the family system
  • Family members are isolating themselves in their room
  • Family members are blaming each other constantly
  • Members are getting away or staying away from home
  • Physical diseases such as asthma, weight loss or gain, sleeping problems, rashes and heart problems, headaches, etc., manifest in one or more members of the family.
  • Psychological disorders occur such as Major Depression, self mutilation, eating disorders to name a few, and in extreme forms such as Schizophrenia and Personality Disorders.

These are only a few of the signs when family counseling is needed. In all cases, harmony is lost in the family system and the system needs to be repaired.

A good therapist needs to be very directive and close monitoring is required. Therefore, no less than one session a week is mandatory. Family therapy is a place where all members of the family need to be present, all members of the family are heard and then harmony can be restored. It is a long process and needs total commitment to the duration of therapy and to following the treatment prescribed.
The benefits of family therapy can be…

  • A peaceful house in harmony
  • A place where all members can be themselves
  • Security
  • Laughter
  • Structure and spontaneity
  • Open conversations
  • A learning environment
  • Minimal disagreements

So my question to you is: Can you afford not to heal the health of the family? Is the family unit important to you? Do you want to wake in the morning looking forward to your day and to coming home to smiling faces? You can have this dream…. The choice is yours.

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